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Our Mission

eMD Healthcare, LLC was formed as an alternative approach to medicine that would increase patient accessibility to healthcare providers. This goal was ultimately achieved by utilizing mobile phone services more effectively as well as the video conferencing software Doxy. A consequential benefit of this business model results in lower costs of care to patients in addition to fulfilling the initial goal of eMD Healthcare, LLC. Our mission is to remain easily accessible in order to provide high quality outpatient care at your convenience. We invite you to learn more about eMD Healthcare, LLC and have your healthcare in your hands. Currently accepting patients in the states of Ohio and Indiana. 

What is Doxy?

Doxy is a HIPAA-compliant computer program that allows healthcare providers to meet with patients via video chat technology.  There is no additional fee in order to use Doxy and its user-friendly interface makes it accessible to all. Using Doxy is relatively straightforward as the service does not require patients to create an account or any external downloads in order to receive care. Through Doxy, patient privacy is protected while still offering all the benefits and convenience of telemedicine.

Dedicated to providing you with the best care possible

Dr. Harold Hibbs, MD, MSC

Dr. Harold Hibbs is a licensed medical practitioner specializing in internal medicine. In his more than 10 years of practice, Dr. Hibbs has identified several aspects of the medical profession that could be improved upon. These realizations led him to establish eMD Healthcare, LLC. His commitment to providing round-the-clock, easily accessible healthcare has allowed eMD Healthcare, LLC to focus on putting patient comfort and convenience first.

During his leisure time Dr. Hibbs enjoys fishing and playing guitar. 

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